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  • The World Cancer Day ... We joined the struggle of those who struggle daily against this disease. Research to prevent and cure cancer is a priority in science, and in this way it is important to try to alleviate the side effects that can have treatments to slow the disease. Gloria Calsina Gomi (University of Southern California, USA) states that the treatments are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, depending on the type of cancer and the stage at which it is diagnosed. What to watch for are also side effects that can cause different treatments in the patient. Among them, it would be wise to pay special attention to oral health is that as pointed this doctor, preventing the cells from the mouth renew and open the door to ulcers, for example. Ideally, the treatment for a cancer patient out and integrate multidisciplinary professionals in the dental field so they could assess the evolution of the oral health of the patient. Chemotherapy can cause among other effects, dry mouth could increase the risk of caries and periodontal diseases. Also you can alter the taste and can appear infections such as candidiasis or ulcerative mucositis. Radiation therapy may also have implications for our mouth can damage tissue and cause periodontal disease, mucositis and dry mouth, among other diseases. Besides medications taken as a supplement for treatment may affect the patient's bones, including of course the bones of our mouth. Coordinate with the dentist is important to establish a joint strategy, and would be good also follow some guidelines as to maintain complete oral hygiene, with flossing daily. Use a soft toothbrush that will not damage the gums, be careful with food because according and what foods can irritate the mouth (spicy too much, too cold or hot meals) and ensure that we take all the vitamins we need, with particular emphasis in vitamin D and calcium for bone care. The fight against cancer is multidisciplinary, your dentist will trust us rowing in the same direction. Because cancer is a Cure. The World Cancer Day

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