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Osseolife Implants

Osseolife Implants, a Spanish company founded in Madrid in 2004 is relatively young in the field of implantology though all its leaders have been linked to the world of dental surgery from the 70's. It is for this reason that virtually from its inception has specialized in research, production and marketing of implants and implant prostheses. Currently has a staff of more than 45 people in Spain, professionals with extensive industry experience and a high degree of specialization in oral implantology.

Osseolife Implants offers a wide range of products and solutions with leading-edge implant which broadly cover any need or expectation of implantologist or dental clinic. We also offer a range of products related to dental surgery with even easier to do their daily work.


The quality Osseolife Implants is a need to be applied to all sectors of our company and especially the products we produce or market. For this reason the full range of branded products Osseolife Implants is controlled 100% with the most stringent quality controls, from the production plan until the product reaches your hands, the quality of our products has been controlled in all phases and processes in this chain.

Implants Osseolife All products comply with all requirements established by law and European guidelines concerning the production and marketing of medical products. Have obtained the CE by the European Notified Body CE 0434, European Directive 93/42/EEC - Annex II, Section 3 and are also certified with the quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 on devices health and medical-implant, so the quality of our products is fully guaranteed.
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